Help to write in Urdu

Help to write in Urdu


To be able to write in Urdu or any Indian or Foreign language other then Western Group (English, French etc that are written in Latin script) YOU DO NOT NEED A DEDICATED SOFTWARE. The problems with the Dedicated Language solutions are all well known. The most important being:


1. Some of them have their own document format and the files do not open with any other software. To read that file, one has to install the software (after buying or pirating??). A file of Inpage, the most popular Urdu DTP software, needs Inpage only to open and the same is the case of other Urdu software files like those of Urdu page Composer (Safha Saaz, or C-DAC India's Nashir ( Even when this is converted to .pdf, the portable document format, the .pdf file can be opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader (now named Adobe Reader), the text would be readable, but when copied to Windows Clipboard and pasted in MS Word or Wordpad, even applying an Urdu font, it would not display the correct text. Only if a document uses fonts like Katib or Urdu Nastaleeq (though not Nastaleeq in the real sense like the Noori Nastalleeq font of Inpage or Abid of Urdu Page Composer as well as Nashir), the text may be readable when copied and pasted in MS Word.


2. Even if the software is able to save in the universal formats like Microsoft Word (*.doc) or the RTF (Rich Text Format) and HTML, one cannot see the text UNLESS the fonts are installed. And most fonts remain propriety of the company creating the Language software.


And you might have noticed if an Urdu document is given without a font and the font is not available, you would see junk characters ((How can you read Urdu text when it is like "Äj©aµ»k" in an ANSI/ASCII font.


UNIICODE has changed things now. So if you have Windows 2000/XP/2003, you would be able to WRITE any language even in the default Windows fonts. For Urdu, these OS's provide default Fonts. Even Arial, Times New Roman, Tahoma or Courier New would display Urdu/Arabic, though these are all Naskh style fonts. In case of Windows'98, Arabic may be added as a language but in Windows XP or later, one may easily add Urdu (Pakistan).


There are many ways in which one can write Urdu Unicode text on Windows. The best would of course be that you enable Urdu support in your Windows 2000, XP or later and write Urdu anywhere, even search for your files with Urdu words in Windows Explorer! In other operating systems, the support would already be installed, one may have to add a keyboard (Input Method Editor in the technical jargon) only. This is the case of Linux as well as MacOs. More help on Linux may be available at Urdu Text. The methjod on Windows is described here in details in the end. We start with other methods first, in case if one does not wish to fiddle with the operating system setting, though believe me, there is nothing wrong or harmful in this approach.


1. Install Urdu editors like Open Pad (,Webpad ( Urdu editor lite (, Inshapardaz (, Urdu Link ( , Urdu Editor etc. These software does not support full formatting except, Insha Pardaz. But you may always type your text here, and paste the text in your Word document and format it with even Nastaleeq fonts, or any other Urdu/Arabic/Persian font that you have downloaded from various sources. You may also paste this text in your Yahoo Chat window, or email textbox, even filling an online form.


Most such editors come with phonetic keyboards, like the phonetic keyboard layout of Inpage. The developers presume that those who want to use Urdu are conversant with US keyboard and have used Inpage. Otherwise too, since it is phonetic, one can always guess that 'g' would type Gaf and 'G' would type "Gh" (but not the combination of G and H.).


We list some of the keys of this keyboard vis a vis Urdu alphabet.


Alif: Small a, Alif with Madda or only Madda, Capital A


Be, small b


Pe: small p


te (as in tehreer) , small t


Te (as in Takar), capital T


The or Sse (as in Nasr), capital C


Jeem, small j


Che, small c


He (as in halwa) capital H


Khe, Capital K


dal (as in darya), small d


Dal (as in Dar) Capital D


Zal (as in Zikr), Capital Z


re, small r


Re (as in GaRbaR), Capital R


Zhe (as in Mizha), Capital X


Seen, small s


Sheen, small x


Suad, Capital S


Zuad, Capital J


Toy, small v


Zoy, Capital V


Ain, small e


Ghain, Capital G


Fe, small f


Qaf, small q


Kaf, small k


Gaf, small g


Lam, small l


Meem, small m


Noon, small n


Noon Ghunna. Capital N


Wao, small w,


Wao with Hamzah above, + key


Lam Alif, l+a


cHhoTi he, o


Do chashmi He, small h


choTi Ye, small i


BaRee Ye, y


Hamzah (Mufrad) u


Zabar (Fatha), > key


Zer (Kasra) < key


Fathatan (Do Zabar), ~ key


Pesh, Capital P key


2. There are some online Urdupads, as in the forums of Urdu web, Urdu Centre and Urdu Life. One can use them off line too if you save that web page onto your PC, you can open it any time and start typing. After typing, copy your text and paste wherever you ned to, just in the ways I described above.


3. Another online method that may also be used off line is a 'bookmarklet'. This is only possible however on Fire Fox and Flock browsers and may not work in opera and Internet Explorer. Visit and drag the 'Urdu' button onto the tool bar of your browser. It gets converted to a button. Press it, and you get a text box where you can start typing. This keyboard too is almost like the one I described in details above.


4. To get the text input in any language, one has to install that language in the Operating System. Windows, by default, only installs ONE language, US English. Though with that it supports WESTERN SCRIPT by default. Thus to add any WESTERN Script languages, you do not need anything else, just add that language.


The Step by Step DIY:


In Windows'98:


The first three methods described above work with Windows 98 too.


Another alternative is to install a Unicode editor like SC Unipad, also available here along with its Phonetic Urdu keyboard by another of our members Asad Raza. there are other Unicode editors too like Unicedit or Orient Unicode Editors. (Please google for their download links).


But to modify your Win'98 to write Urdu, you need to add Arabic Support here. For this you may have to upgrade your system files from These files are Riched32.dll, windows installer, New versions of Times New Roman, Tahoma, Arial and Courier New fonts, and Arabic fonts pack. Windows installer update is some times provided by the cover CDs of computer magazines too. After installing these, the language bar may also be selected. Now you need a keyboard too that cannot be other wise added. And remember that by default the Windows uses only Arabic Type writer keyboard and does not offer you to change it as in Windows XP. For this you may need to install a keyboard program like Keyman, available in the Files section here. There are Urdu keyboards too for this. This keyboard would be sitting in the system tray. After selecting the language in the language bar, you may click the Keyman icon and select Urdu Phonetic if you need phonetic layout.


Other alternative keyboards are LSinstaller of Paktype and Phonetic of Shehzad etc. (Most of these are available in Yahoo Urdu Computing group at


Another thing one needs is of course fonts. For an Inpage like Nastaleeq looks, I recommend Nafees Nastaleeq (updated) font from CRULP ( , Pakistan, available here. Other decorative fonts may be Paktype Tahreer or fonts from Microsoft (Arabic pack mentioned above) or


In Windows XP:


Proceed this way:


Start-> Control Panel-> Regional and Language Options (Screen shot).

language in XP


If there are no languages installed then the 'DETAILS" tab would only allow you to add Western Script languages like French and German.

Hit the LANGUAGES Tab now, you would see this:

language in XP-2


To add languages like Indian (called Indic – Devanagari, the four South Indian languages, Gujarati etc), Arabic (also includes Farsi and Urdu), one MUST check the first option under "Supplemental Language Support", these are Complex Script Languages. And yes, if you want to add Chinese, Japanese and Korean support too, check the box for east Asian languages too below the Complex script check box. And take out your CD of Windows (Pirated??) or browse to the dump of Windows XP in your hard disk. Windows would do the needful now. And a restart later, you would see the above screens and then when you press Details Tab, you may find this screen:

language in XP-3


Of course in my screen shot, Hindi and Urdu have been already installed, but if they have not been installed, the "Installed Services" would only indicate English (United States)

But pressing "Add" button would lead you to this screen with a drop down menu under "Input language".language in XP-7


Once you click the down arrow here, you may see the options like:language in XP-5


Select the one you want, say here I am adding "Kannada" I find another entry of Kannada (selected now with another drop down menu) under Keyboard Layout/IME (Input method Editor). The default keyboard has already been selected by Windows, but if another keyboard has been installed prior to this, it would be listed in the drop down menu, and that may be selected instead of the default.

Unfortunately most of the default keyboards are the ones used by the typewriters in that language. And most modern computer users cannot type that. Hence there are PHONETIC keyboards too available. For sure, I can lead to Hindi "Swara" as well as "Urdu Sautee" that I have created myself and you see in the screen shot. (Fig.3). And you may also appreciate the best part of Unicode here. You may input anything in the languages if you select the input language (I would show that later), name of a folder, a file, a title bar button, a text file in Notepad, you name it, hence you may notice "Hindi Swara" in Devanagari script and "Urdu Sauti" in Urdu!!. Even when you install these keyboards (Swara available in the Files Section of urdu_computing as well as IndicComputing Yahoo! Group, "Sautee" available in urdu_computing Yahoo! Group.), the add remove program too would show you these names in the respective scripts.

NOW TO SELECT THE LANGUAGE for input, please see the Fig. 3 again. In the lower part, there is a "Preferences" section with a button called "Language Bar". Clicking on this would give the option of showing the language bar on the desktop:

language in XP-8



You may also select this to be visible in the system tray (Notification Area, where Windows shows you date and time). On the desktop, you may move it around, and the language may be selected by just selecting the language as in the Fig. 8 below.

language bar

Fig. 8

But remember, the language selection is application specific, while working with Hindi in Notepad, if you start Word, it would not type in Hindi unless you reselect "Hindi" from the language bar.


The default Times New Roman font can also display many Urdu characters but among the fonts installed by Windows XP (or upgraded in Windows'98), the Tahoma font is the best. However, on most Urdu text web sites, the font used is Urdu Naskh Asia Type greatly popularized by BBC Urdu site ( Other fonts used on the web are Nafees Web Naskh ( For Nastaleeq looks, the Nafees Nastaleeq font is also available from CRULP site ( Some fonts have been developed that are mid way between Naskh and Nastaleeq that I call 'Nasq'. Such fonts are Nastaleeq Like ( and those created by this author (Nasq and Nigar) available from Urdu Web site ( In fact all these fonts may be downloaded through a single installer package from urduweb site at

To install Sautee Keyboards/ IME:

The author has created a pretty good phonetic Keyboard, now in its second version, called Urdu Sautee-2. You may download it from here:

After downloading the .zip file, uncompress it in any folder and then just double click the .msi (Microsoft installer) file. The keyboard would automatically be installed and would be made available by that name under the Keyboard Layout menu. After adding support for Urdu (Pakistan), you may again attempt to add Sautee in the similar fashion. In fact, after adding Urdu Sautee as IME/keyboard Layout, you may remove the 'Urdu' IME, the default layout to reduce the confusion of two layouts. Other help files are alos included in the .zip file.

72 Responses to “Help to write in Urdu”

  1. sajid Says:

    this is good yar

  2. Mushtaque Asghar Shaikh Says:

    Its really good site.

  3. Shehzad Ashiq Ali Says:

    Well laid out guide 😀

  4. great Says:

    Download link do not work…
    sauti key board…etc.

  5. Aijaz Says:

    Yes, since’ forum got transformed to vbulletin, there have been change of links. My keyboards (now also Vista compatible) are available at :
    Urdu Sautree-3:
    And Urdu Dost, a variant pf Sautee) at

  6. Saf Kakar Says:

    I tried to install this Urdu font, but in the drop down list of the list, I do not have Urdu. Could you please tell me how can I import Urdu into that list in Windows XP. I shall be most grateful. Thanks.Saf

  7. Aijaz Akhtar (Aijaz Ubaid) Says:

    Not clear Saf as to hat exactly is your problem. You have to add support for Urdu first in Windows XP, add this language with an IME i.e. keyboard, be it phonetic or whatever you prefer. Select the language and keyboard only. Te question of font would come later when you format your document in Wordpad or Word. And yes, ib NS Word, Urdu font selection can be done in "Complex Script Font” box, below the box for Latin font. Selecting an Urdu font in Latin font would not do, nor selecting an Urdu font, but typing with English US keyboard would produce Urdu. یہاں میں نے محض لنگویج بار میں اردو کو سلیکٹ کیا ہے، اور اس کے ساتھ میرا صوتی کی بورڈ شامل ہے ہی۔ میں اردو دوست نامی کی بورڈ استعمال کرتا ہوں۔ اس کو یہاں سے بھی داؤن لوڈ کر سکتے یئں:

  8. ikshayar Says:

    hi.. Nice work.. would…
    I want to know what is the most common layout for Urdu typing..
    I do not want to use urdu phonetic.. so want to use one which is most preferred.. even used on typewriters…

  9. Aijaz Akhtar Says:

    Shayar Saheb, the preferred lay out should be that authenticated by some authority. And that is Muqtadira, certified by National language Aurthority of Pakistan. The same is also followed by Windows by default.

  10. urdutehreer Says:

    Now some of the links do not exist any more. Now I have also uploaded many fonts as well as keyboards at other places. The links are:
    Various keyboards: (These keyboards work in Win Vista, older keyboards do not).
    Urdu sautee version 3,
    Urdu Dost: another phonetic type:
    For fonts:
    New Nastaleeq fonts:
    Pak Nastaleeq:
    Fajer Noori Nastaleeq: has also updated their Nafees Nastaleeq and Nafees Web Naskh fonts, and released Nafees Riqa, a new Naskh font along with updated Pakistani Naskh..

  11. urdutehreer Says:

    # Saf Kakar Says:
    October 2, 2007 at 1:09 am edit

    I tried to install this Urdu font, but in the drop down list of the list, I do not have Urdu. Could you please tell me how can I import Urdu into that list in Windows XP. I shall be most grateful. Thanks.Saf
    Sorry for being late in replying. In drop down list of what– MS Word or Wordpad? In Wordpad, all fonts would be visible. In MS Word, Word classifies fonts as Western/Latin and Complex script. In fonts box (Clicking Ctrl D), select the fonts in complex script. And yes, if the language support is not added to Word, it would not show in drop down list of fonts (perhaps).

  12. ameel Says:

    i love this website

  13. ameel Says:

    i love this website is i use it

  14. nephritis Says:

    nephritis says : I absolutely agree with this !

  15. اعجاز عبید Says:

    Thanks Ameel and Nephritis

  16. Muhammad azam Says:

    I already know about you message but you awareness must have percious work. God bless you

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Free Urdu Text Editor (WordProcessor) called Urdu Nigar Unicode is available at

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Another link to download Urdu Nigar Unicode (Free Urdu Text Editor / WordProcessor) is

  19. urdutehreer Says:

    Thank you Naseem Amjad Saheb. I am providing links to Urdu Nigar to Urduweb forum as well as Urdu computing yahoo group. Although you ARE memebers at both places, but you chose not to inform yourself.

  20. nawaesurrosh Says:

    A new Era of Urdu in IT started with the new Nastaleeq font by Amjad Alvi.
    علوی نستعلیق اس لنك سے ڈاونلوڈ كرسكتے ھیں

  21. Shuja ullah Says:


    Assalam O Alaikum

    I wanna write urdu text in my web page so how i can do that.

    I create my webpage in html. how i can type urdu text in notepad becoz i will edit in my pages.
    so plz keep visit in web page for suggestion

    Best wishes

  22. urdutehreer Says:

    Please read carefully the above document. Enable Urdu in Windows, install Urdu keyboard, such as Urdu Dost (, select the language Urdu in the language bar as stated, and type in Phonetic layout. Now You can install Alvi Nastaleeq (link above in nawaesurrosh comment). DON’T FORGET TO WRITE HTML CODE IN YOUR WEB PAGE
    and the direction of text to be rtl

  23. Zakir Says:

    Good article. After installation of the urdu support in xp and in other languages you can also see On-Screen Keyboard so that you can learn the urdu typing. The following steps show you how to get on-screen keyboard in vista.

    go to Start >> Prgrams >> Accessories >> Ease of Access >> on-Screen Keyboard

    Similar approach can be followed in xp also

  24. urdutehreer Says:

    Zakir, Easiest and quickest way in XP as well as Vista or win 2000 is:
    Start.. run…. OSK (type this in cap or lower case), enter. On Screen Keyboad will be available.
    I should add that in Vista, all the languages are already added, so immediately proceed to "Add lanfuages” in Fig. 3.
    This blog was written before Vista.

  25. Naila Ahsan Says:

    Please help me in this matter that how can i easily instal this software?i am trying to this instalment but not open any software.

  26. rashid Says:

    i want to istall urdu language bar

  27. Says:
    both r nice sites of urdu

  28. choti Says:

    good to learn

  29. Ricky Says:

    Dear Sir,

    I want to write urdu using window xp inbuilt Muqtadira keyboard but I can not find pesh jabar, jer and some other signs can you find me help find this signs or other way to type them
    I need them

    Kindly do the needful



    • urdutehreer Says:

      @Ricky, I do not use Muqtadira, so cannot be sure that Zer, Zabar and other erabs are on this.these keys. It must be there in default Keyboard, try on screen key board and look for it in bigger font. To use On screen Keybopard, type in the Run "OSK”, and enter.

  30. ummama Says:

    can you tell the write oder in urdu and how to improve my writing in urdu?please please and even how to read properly and in proper urdu ? plesase please help me.

  31. ummama Says:

    please please help me

    and bring me first in the school please other wise i will tell to the police ok ?

  32. anwar farooq Says:

    Is there any urud solution for the MAC operating syste……

  33. sherazi Says:

    معلومات بہت اچھی ہیں مگر اردو زبان میں ہوتی تو اچھا تھا۔
    اردو کو تب ہی ترویج دیا جاسکتا ہے جب اس کا استعمال شروع کیا جائے۔

  34. urdutehreer Says:

    اردو میں تو ہر جگہ ہی میں لکھتا آیا ہوں، یہ بلاگ انگریزی میں بطور خاص ہے، تاکہ انگریزی میں یا رومن میں دیکھنے والوں کو بھی نظر آ جائے۔

  35. ali Says:

    sir i am graphics designer and i need urdu further fonts for my graphic application but the turboul is that i dont have urdu fonts .plz tell me how can i download them

  36. Aijaz Says:

    You can viisit alqalam site for all the fonts,
    But remember that most Nastaleeq fonts do not work in Graphic packages. However, I am sure that you need more of Naskh fonts, that are more ornate.

  37. webpad Says:

    The hardest part of buying an iPad, is the number of choices. 🙂 What I need to do is get a cool skin for the iPad to really personalize it.

  38. SyedFerozGalib Says:

    It is not supporting to my PC and my pc is 64-bit it’ll support to my pc if it support then which software I have to download can any one answer to my question?

  39. urdutehreer Says:

    It means what?, can you clarify. If it is phonetic keyboard for Urdu then….
    What is your OS?
    This is an old blog that pertained to Windows XP.

  40. harismughal Says:

    good , I like it

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  48. Shaukat Says:

    I need to use Urdu Nastaliq font on web page of wordpress, is it possible, please help me in this respect.

  49. Shaukat Says:

    میں مائکرو سوفٹ ورڈ میں اردو لکھتے وقت نستعلیق فانٹ استعمال کرسکتا ہوں ۔ لیکن اپنی ویب سائٹ کی تیاری کے دوران یہ فانٹ ورڈ پریس میں استعمال نہیں کرسکتا ۔ اس کی کیا وجہ ہے؟ آیا اس کا کوئی حل موجود ہے؟ رہنمائی فرمائیں۔ والسلام

  50. urdutehreer Says:

    کون سا نستعلیق فانٹ استعمال کرنا چاہتے ہیں شوکت؟

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